Monday, September 17, 2012

Donate - Help to Landslide Survival Victim and Suffering by Kidney problems

Dear friends, beloved, relatives and well wishers,
I would like to introduce myself as Uttam Tamang. I was born and brought up in an indigenous family in a tiny village named Chaturale VDC which lies in Nuwakot district in central region of Nepal. I entered in Kathmandu about 23 years ago and struggled and facing of obstacles and now have been working in tourism sector. I owe trekking agency in Kathmandu but at the moment not very good business. I am simple man who is always ready to help others individual, community when they are in needed. For more details  Bad luck is so, I kindly plead for a help.

My mother SOMATI TAMANG in her late sixties (69) was seriously ill and was brought to Kathmandu from village for her treatment. But unfortunately we got to know that her both kidneys are not working. As per the doctor suggestion the only way to make her alive is dialysis which she needs to have twice a week. Doctors do not recommend her for kidney transplant because of her age. All of us might know that dialysis is very expensive treatment for everyone.

We, Nepalese do not have health insurance like almost everyone else in others countries. Therefore, it is very hard and critical situation for our family. But being a SON, I cannot get back to my responsibilities.

In this tragic moment, dated on August 30th 2012 at 3:30 AM another tragedy fell over to the same family.  My brother-in-law was swept away along with the house by landslide but his wife THULIMAYA TAMANG luckily alive when she was gone outside at that time. My sister lost everything such as newly built house, garden, crops, and livestock nonetheless her husband. She has three grown up children but is not able to contribute sustain to the family’s income. Our family is suffering from such an unimaginable pain. I am responsible for all these responsibilities but my savings has been invested on all my mothers’ treatment. So I would kindly like to ask for your help by sparing your small amount in this tough situation. Your small contribution can make someone’s life and help my sister to get back in her own feet.
We all our families are expecting for your help and prayers


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